Things You Need to Know About Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic surgery procedure developed by Brazilian surgeon Dr. Raul Gonzalez. This surgery is used to change the shape and size of the butt and has become popular around the world in recent years.

Brazilian Butt (BBL) consists of a combination of liposuction (fat removal) and fat injection. In the first step, fat is removed from other parts of the body (usually from the abdomen, hips and thighs) and this fat is injected into the butt to change the shape and size of the butt. This surgery makes the butt look bigger and upturned.

Brazilian Butt (BBL) is usually performed under local anesthesia, and the surgery time takes about 2-3 hours. The healing process may vary depending on the way the surgery is performed and the patient’s health status.

This surgery has become quite popular, especially in countries such as Brazil, the United States and Europe. However, as with any plastic surgery procedure, Brazilian Butt (BBL) also involves risks and is criticized by many people for this reason. In particular, the fat injection process can cause serious complications such as infection, fat clotting, or embolism.

As a result, Brazilian Butt (BBL) may be an attractive plastic surgery procedure for many people, but it should be carefully evaluated, considering the risks. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist and research comprehensively.

What Are The Points To Take Into Consideration About Brazilian Butt (BBL)?

Like any surgery, there are some important points that need to be carefully evaluated in the Brazilian Butt (BBL) plastic surgery procedure. Here are the main points to take into consideration about the Brazilian Butt (BBL):

  1. Being a suitable candidate: The Brazilian Butt (BBL) surgery is usually recommended for people who want to change the shape and size of the butt. However, a comprehensive health screening should be performed before surgery to determine whether the procedure is suitable for a healthy candidate.
  2. Choosing the right surgeon: The Brazilian Butt (BBL) surgery should be performed by a specialist surgeon. The fact that the surgeon who will perform the procedure being experienced and highly trained is extremely important in terms of increasing the success of the procedure and reducing the risks.
  3. Risks and complications: The Brazilian Butt (BBL) surgery carries some risks, like any surgery. These risks include serious complications such as infection, bleeding, fat clotting, embolism. Therefore, it is important for patients to clearly understand these risks and follow the recommendations by their surgeons.
  4. The healing process: The healing process after the Brazilian Butt (BBL) surgery may vary from person to person. Following certain instructions during the healing process and providing proper care after the surgery is extremely important to get a successful result.
  5. Permanence of results: After the Brazilian Butt (BBL) surgery, the shape and size of the butt will look fuller and upturned. However, the permanency of the procedure may vary depending on a person’s lifestyle, genetic, and other factors. Therefore, it is important for patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery as well.

In plastic surgery procedures such as Brazilian Buttock (BBL), patients need to carefully evaluate and fully understand the risks. Therefore, it is important to meet with surgeons and research comprehensively.