All-On-6 implant treatment is one of the most popular options for people experiencing toothlessness problems. This treatment is the process of applying a new fixed prosthesis by placing six implants in a completely toothless jaw. This method is known as a faster and less invasive procedure compared to traditional implant treatments.

All-On-6 implant treatment may be preferred in the following cases:

  1. A completely toothless jaw
  2. Excessive damaged teeth that need to be pulled from existing teeth
  3. A toothless jaw without sufficient bone quality

How is All-On-6 Implant Treatment Performed?

All-On-6 implant treatment consists of the following steps:

  1. First, the dentist takes a series of X-ray and tomography images in the mouth. These images show the bone structure and other details necessary for the correct placement of implants.
  2. Then, the patient’s teeth are pulled out or the removal of existing teeth is performed.
  3. Then, dental implants are placed in the jaw through a special surgical procedure. Six implants are enough to attach a fixed prosthesis to a completely toothless jaw.
  4. After the placement of the implants, the bone tissue is waited for several months to heal. During this time, the patient may need to wear a temporary prosthesis.
  5. After the healing is completed, the patient’s dentist places a specially prepared fixed prosthesis. This prosthesis offers an aesthetic and functional solution by completely covering the toothless jaw of the patient.

What are the Advantages of All-On-6 Implant Treatment?

All-On-6 implant treatment provides many advantages. Here are the advantages of All-On-6 implant treatment:

  1. Faster healing process: All-On-6 implant treatment provides faster healing process because it is a less invasive procedure compared to traditional implant treatments.
  2. Getting fixed teeth in a short time: Thanks to All-On-6 implant treatment, patients can get fixed teeth within a short period of time from the moment they lose their teeth. Therefore, the treatment period becomes shorter and more comfortable.
  3. High success rate: All-On-6 implant treatment has a high success rate. The success of this treatment is related to the correct placement of implants and the successful completion of the healing process.
  4. Natural-looking teeth: With All-On-6 implant treatment, patients will have natural-looking teeth. This treatment is designed to restore the natural appearance that patients lose, when they lose their teeth.
  5. A functional solution: All-On-6 implant treatment restores chewing and speech functions that patients lose, when they lose their teeth. This treatment helps patients to eat healthily and maintain their daily activities.
  6. An aesthetic appearance: With All-On-6 implant treatment, patients can improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. Dentures are specially designed in accordance with the patient’s face shape and the natural appearance of the teeth.
  7. Cost-effective treatment: All-On-6 implant treatment is more economical than other implant treatments. Using six implants allows it to be treated at a lower cost than other treatments.

All-On-6 dental implant may be an ideal treatment option for patients experiencing toothlessness problems, as it provides many advantages. However, treatment options may vary from person to person. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your dentist to determine whether All-On-6 implant treatment is suitable.