What is Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon operation in Turkey is the most ideal treatment method for people who aim to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way. Surgery TR helps you reach your weight loss goals thanks to its contracted professional surgeons and the latest technology, in internationally accredited hospitals. This weight loss balloon must be followed by doctors during the weight loss process to avoid any complications.

Gastric Balloon; It has a structure that is both soft and expandable. It consists of the insertion tube and the filling system. Due to its size, it cannot pass into the intestine. Therefore, it provides a long-term feeling of satiety even in the smallest food portions.
The biggest advantage of the gastric balloon surgery is that the operation takes a short time. Furthermore, in the long run, it can correct problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.

How is the Gastric Balloon Placed?

Gastric balloon procedure is not complicated as people think, just there are some points that should be considered. Firstly, before the balloon is placed in the stomach, it is necessary to make sure that you do not have a medical health problem. For this reason, diagnostic endoscopy is performed in the first place. A deflated balloon is placed in the stomach unless there is a contrary situation. The gastric balloon is placed in the stomach within an average of 25 minutes with an endoscopic procedure. Then, a blue liquid is filled with a tube attached to the balloon and the process is completed.

Gastric balloon placement is done with sedation. At the end of the operation, the patient is awakened and remains under observation for several hours. Discharge procedures are initiated as soon as no adverse events are observed.

What is the Gastric Balloon and How is it Applied?

Gastric balloon is made of silicone or polyurethane material, it is placed in the deflated stomach and then inflated with sterile fluid. It is used for obesity treatments. Balloon placement is not a surgical procedure, but some gastric balloons are placed and removed endoscopically under anesthesia, depending on the type of balloon. The mechanism of the gastric balloon is to create a constant feeling of satiety by occupying space in the stomach, which allows the patient to lose weight with less food consumption at each meal. Studies on this topic began in the 1980s. Swallowable gastric balloons, which do not require endoscopy or anesthesia, are also used.

When we consider obesity as a common disease of the modern era, gastric balloon applications are a frequently preferred healing method in the treatment of overweight and obesity, especially by people who have trouble receiving anesthesia or who do not want a surgical procedure. Gastric balloons remain in the stomach from 4 to 12 months, depending on the type. With the feeling of satiety during this period, it is easier for the patient to follow his diet by limiting food intake. The nutritional style and eating habits change, and after the balloon is removed from the stomach, the patient maintains these habits and maintains their ideal weight.

Gastric balloon in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey is one of the best options in the world for obesity, weight loss treatment, and bariatric surgery. Most medical tourists visit Istanbul, Turkey for this treatment and surgery from the Middle East and European countries. Surgeons in Turkey are also one of the most popular, experienced, and well-known in the whole world.

If you’ve been thinking about obesity, weight loss treatment or bariatric surgery, you’re probably surprised by the costs in the UK, US or Europe. But, when you compare the costs and quality of service in the clinics in Istanbul Turkey, you will definitely agree that it will be by far the cheapest and most practical way.

Advantages of Gastric Balloon in Istanbul Turkey

Endoscopically placed balloons help achieve weight loss by taking up space in the stomach, which restricts food intake. The advantages of the gastric balloon are;

  • It can be placed in a very short time in hospital conditions. (Total processing time is as short as 30 minutes.)
  • After the application of the gastric balloon, the person can return to their normal life without the need for hospitalization.
  • It is very easy and painless to apply.
  • It can be removed whenever the patient wishes.

In addition to these advantages, the gastric balloon also improves the lipid and blood sugar (hemoglobin A1C) levels of patients. Although the gastric balloon is temporary and is removed after six months, patients can continue to lose weight six months after removal.

What Does Surgery TR Offer?

Surgery TR offers a very well-planned trip with a guide and consultant, which includes;

  • Your detailed treatment plan in Istanbul with all the logistics,
  • A comprehensive discussion with costs for the desired result,
  • Your hosting plan that best suits your needs,
  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel and to the clinic, and vice versa,
  • Follow-up and post-treatment service.

The gastric balloon is the simplest and most long-term procedure for those who want to enter the process of healthy weight loss. However, despite its simplicity, successful surgeons, quality materials, hospitals equipped with the latest technology, and the rate of hygiene in the environment are also effective in the success of the gastric balloon procedure. Surgery TR has popular medical and surgical operations in medical tourism, offering all these advantages to its patients.

The Right Candidate for Gastric Balloon

  • Overweight people with a body mass index over 25.
  • People who cannot lose weight despite a healthy diet and activity.
  • Overweight people have to lose weight in a healthy way before major surgery.

Gastric Balloon Cost in Turkey

Turkey is among the most popular countries in medical tourism. However, this popularity is not reflected in the prices. With Surgery TR, people who want to have a balloon weight loss surgery in Turkey can have this operation at 60% lower costs compared to the USA, England, and other European countries.

Low labor costs within the scope of the operation, changes in exchange rates, and the country’s active role in medical tourism ensure that gastric balloon Turkey is performed at affordable costs.

In addition, people who have had gastric balloon surgery in Turkey with Surgery TR can take advantage of the All-Inclusive Medical Travel Packages. These packages are; It covers accommodation and transfer services, multilingual hosts, expert surgeons, internationally accredited hospitals, healthy nutrition programs, pre-and post-operative guidance, and labor costs.

Why is Surgery TR the Best for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?

With its international patients from all over the world, Surgery TR has become the best choice for Gastric Sleeve procedures in Turkey. Surgery TR with its experienced and expert surgeons in sleeve gastrectomy;

  • Extremely luxurious hospitals equipped with the latest technology and internationally accredited
  • A large healthcare team that takes a “patient-centered” approach
  • Relevant surgeons who provide pre-and post-operative support and communication
  • An economical and quality operation process with All-
  • Inclusive Medical Health Packages